[BlackBerry-Python] PySide for BB10

Micke Prag micke.prag at telldus.se
Tue Jan 15 15:52:41 EST 2013

> More info about the segfault
> After the application package is installed on the device & the icon is 
> clicked a black window briefly shows up and vanishes.
> The log in /accounts/1000/appdata/<appname>/logs/log has a this single line:
> Process 30396593 (python3.2) terminated SIGSEGV code=1 fltno=11 
> ip=783abf7c(/base/lib/libcpp.so.4 at _ZNKSt6locale9_GetfacetEj+0x27) 
> mapaddr=0002bf7c. ref=00000010

I know I got a lot of these errors. They are quite annoying since they do not tell you what really happens. Unfortunately I do not remember what the issue is. I think you can get it if the qt libraries are not loaded.

There is an issue I never solved. It is that the PySide bindings don't load the qt libraries. A workaround is to put this before loading the pyside bindings:
from ctypes import *
qtcore = CDLL('libQtCore.so.4')
qtcascades = CDLL('libbbcascades.so')
qtdecl = CDLL('libQtDeclarative.so.4')

This loads the lib manually before they are needed.

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