Engenuity Corporation is crafting superior apps for the PlayBook™. With 18 years in the business of developing quality software, wide-ranging knowledge of processes and tools, a highly innovative mindset, and attention to detail, we make some of the best quality apps available.

Peter Hansen, P.Eng., is Engenuity's president and lead engineer. Beginning shortly after the initial release of the development tools for the PlayBook in November 2010, he began playing a lead role in the PlayBook development community. His technical contributions in the developer support forums are widely seen as accurate, thoughtful, and advanced.

Battery Guru

Our latest creation is Battery Guru, the first and only utility that goes beyond the simple "percent remaining" display of the PlayBook and all the other battery apps.

Battery Guru reveals previously unavailable data about your battery and your tablet's power consumption, letting you get the most out of your tablet. Stay powered longer, and use it to learn how various types of use affect your battery consumption.

This app maintains a log of all past readings, and is designed to be run continuously. You can export the data to a CSV file at any time for more analysis in a spreadsheet program or elsewhere.


White Noise

Engenuity's first app was White Noise, a simple but highly effective sound-masking utility with a solid technical foundation.

Most noise generators on the market merely regurgitate "canned" recordings of noise. Many people will eventually notice the repetition in such recordings. This is most annoying for light sleepers, who may lie awake even longer, endlessly waiting for that oh-so-subtle pattern their brains have detected in the sound.

White Noise generates its sound using a random number generator, applying a tuned filter so the sound isn't harsh, and it never repeats! This makes it highly effective for light sleepers.

It's equally effective in providing a "cover" sound in a too-quiet office environment, to help you concentrate.

Tinnitus sufferers may also find it provides some degree of relief from their symptoms.


Upcoming Apps

We're hard at work researching and designing additional products. We're also continuing to analyze the state of the PlayBook market and its future potential. Research in Motion and its QNX subsidiary have conceived and delivered the most technologically advanced tablet on the market, and while they may have stumbled in the initial launch, they're improving it rapidly with a "steady cadence" of releases.

Engenuity believes in the PlayBook, and is confident of its future success. Over time we expect millions of consumers, business people, and other users to come to the same conclusions, and we intend to be there with absolutely the best PlayBook apps on the market.

Watch for us. This is only the beginning!